Monday, July 16, 2007

Please pray for Regina

I was introduced to Regina on July 8, 2007 at her home for a Princess Tea Party.

The Fox Family had contacted me a few days before to graciously offer her a tea party before she had to begin chemotherapy. Their daughter is in the same class as Regina and were kind enough to contact me to see what I could do to help them out with their request. Regina had just had surgery a couple of weeks prior, since she had a relapse of a brain tumor in the frontal lobe. Now they have found that there are 40 small tumors in that area. Her parents are trying to do whatever they can to assure she is with them as long as possible.

Regina's Princess Tea Party was such a memorable afternoon, full of princess dress-up, crafts, dancing, games, "tea time" (pink lemonade) and entertainment from the lovely ladies Crystal & Corinne who came dressed as Aurora and Cinderella.

Regina meeting the Princesses and receiving her tiara.

At the conclusion of the party, the Princesses provided Regina a coronation to induct her as a "true Princess forever" and presented her with an ensemble of a silk sash and crystal heart wand to accessorize with her tiara. Before I left, I gave Regina a care package of princess goodies from my children to her, included with a card that my 6 year-old son made for her, in which he insisted I made sure that she knew it was from him.

I wept the entire drive home.

Daily I check her mom's blog to get updates on how she is doing. Sometimes I even check a couple of times a day.

Meeting Regina and seeing her beautiful spirit through such a difficult time has really impacted me in a very profound way. I want to do more. I want to contact all the children's hospitals and offer to do something as a tea party/event planner. I want to have my kids' lemonade stands be about giving and finding a cure for children's cancer, not just so they can save to buy another DS game with their earnings.

But for now, what I can do for her is PRAY. And let my wonderful and caring blogging friends know about her so they, too, can pray for her.

To view all the photos from her tea party, click here.

Diana, her mom, has her blog here:

On my behalf, thank you in advance for your thoughts and prayers that go out to her and her family....

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Sleeping Beauty said...

WOW, I love it. Very well done banner and page. :) Thank you so much for your support. :) You have an amazing talent and i am so glad that you get to share it with world.. I am so honored to know you. (( Hugs to you and your son)). Tell him Regina is doing great. And maybe when you guys are somewhere in LA sometimes, give me a call. We like visitors.:)